Robotics – loop control simulation

The aim of the project was to build a simulation of the bending of a  bio-mechatronical hand’s finger. The team had to develop many blocks, including trajectory planning program on Matlab and Simulink, hand design and simulation on Solidworks, control loop program on Matlab and Simulink and others. My task was to design and develop the control loop program. The project was based on the “Life Hand”, a European project in which the university Campus Bio-Medico di Roma was participating, therefore it is not showed here – the image displayed is a general control loop scheme. 

  • Design and development of a control loop program on Simulink, which was tested with positive results. 
  • the team succeded in integrating all the different parts they were developing and tested the whole simulation software with positive results.
Overcome impediments
  • the values of different variable were provided from the Solidworks simulation, therefore I had to understand how the program works and which variables were useful to be forwarded to the control loop block of the project;
  • the control loop to be used was to be decided, therefore I had to fully understand the problem, look through state of the art projects and discuss my findings with the project supervisor. 
Skills acquired or improved:

Simulink / Matlab, Mathematics, Solidworks, team work.