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My motivation

What do you want to accomplish in the future?

I want to lead team on cutting-edge biomedical projects and be responsible of the technology we implement. I want to make a difference through my work and contribute to innovation in my field.

What does your best work look like?

Innovative, biomedical and above all, aimed to help people. 

What does your best work day look like?

It starts with a 15 minutes morning meeting in which no one has any issues nor impediments – I know, it’s an ideal world! A bit of a planning session follows to make sure we are on track. I am working closely with other experts from my fields and other fields, bouncing ideas among each others, challenging each other and collaborating towards a common goal. The day is divided among researching new technology to use, software development, trail tests, brainstorming sessions with the whole team, architecture design and…. I know, we are back in dreamland with a day of 60 hours but hey, you asked.

Which characteristics your dream job has to have?

It has to be creative, innovative and multi-field. Has to involve team-working, project design, learning, research and application. Has to have room for me to grow within, take up challenges both in technology and management, and became an expert in my field.

Where do you see yourself in six months?

I have no specific plan, I have learnt it depends on the circumstances and the occasions that come to you. Anyway, I know I’ll have settled in my position and started improving at the best of my abilities. I will definitely have started looking for opportunities to contribute to the company’s success.

My profile

  • Motivated to learn and build upon skills; fast learner.
  • Seeks new responsibilities irrespective of reward and recognition.
  • Reliable and dependable in meeting objectives; determined, focused and hard-working.
  • Strong planning, organasing and monitoring abilities; multitask-oriented.
  • Seeks and finds solutions to challenges; proactive, forward-thinking and creative problem solver.

My interests

Biomedical Signal Analysis

Biomedical (and non) Image Analysis

Project Management



My Skills

Technical skills


Other skills